"Your kind, caring manner played a big part
in helping me through that rough spot."

Quote from former client.



Mr. Snellgrove has over 10 years of experience in helping individuals overcome difficulties in their personal lives. Individual therapy is an excellent way to do in-depth work on the broad spectrum of problems that people face. Mr. Snellgrove uses an integrative approach to individual care to best meet the specific needs of each client.



To be in a relationship is always a challenge. If your relationship is having difficulties, couples can often help. As I often share with my couples, everyone brings baggage into a relationship. The trick is to learn how to best interact with one another, avoiding many common pitfalls.



Group is an excellent means of learning to best interact with others. In this safe environment we can learn from others to improve our personal lives while learning about ourselves and others. Mr. Snellgrove is a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and Houston Group Psychotherapy Society.
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